The Southern Rockies LCC Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) provides a platform to access and integrate geospatial data sets, maps, and information for use in analysis and conservation planning.
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  • Explore and organize data & information
  • Create custom visualizations, drawings, & analyses
  • Use collaborative tools in groups
  • Publish datasets, maps, & galleries
  • Develop decision-support and custom tools
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SRLCC-Supported Projects

The Boundary of the Southern Rockies LCC

The Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative (SRLCC) is a self-directed, landscape-scale partnership supporting and enhancing on-the-ground conservation efforts through production and dissemination of applied science for natural and cultural resource management decision makers. The SRLCC encompasses more than 127 million acres across 5 states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and...